Process Research and Development Services
Process research and development services deCODE chemistry's fully-integrated team approach enables clients to outsource every aspect of the research and development of small molecule drug candidates. deCODE chemistry's process group specializes in the optimization of safe, scalable synthetic routes, and has the capacity to manufacture 5-10 kg of active pharmaceutical ingredients. From process optimization to cGMP production, deCODE chemistry has the expertise necessary to establish dependable drug development partnerships with clients to meet their product development needs. deCODE chemistry's process group offers the following services:

Kilo Lab Services
deCODE chemistry understands the importance of deadlines and the need for quick turnaround. deCODE chemistry offers production of materials from gram to multi-kilogram quantities in our kilo lab. The laboratories at deCODE chemistry are designed for maximum flexibility and are fully equipped to handle a broad range of chemical reactions. deCODE chemistry can provide rapid synthesis and scale-up for:

Process Research and Optimization
deCODE chemistry can help you find a viable manufacturing method for your potential drug candidate. deCODE chemistry will conduct process research to identify a scalable synthetic process that is efficient, economical and safe. Our chemists have extensive experience in process scale-up and the transfer of bench-scale laboratory procedures to pilot-plant scale. deCODE chemistry's patented technology, AutoOptimize , combines process R&D, robotics and statistical analysis. It enables our researchers to rapidly identify the best chemical processes for scale-up, thus significantly shortening your drug development timeframe.

Analytical and Separations Chemistry
deCODE chemistry's analytical and separations services use a broad range of spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques to assist in validating and purifying chemical compounds. deCODE chemistry can provide high-quality analytical data and validation reports utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation. deCODE chemistry's analytical services include:

deCODE chemistry's preparative separations services offer the purification of milligram to multi-kilogram quantities of final product. deCODE chemistry's expertise and advanced equipment enable high purity and quick turnaround. deCODE chemistry's preparative chromatography equipment and laboratory is operated under a cGMP environment. Process research and development services are a vital component of larger scale comprehensive drug discovery and development partnerships with deCODE chemistry and deCODE biostructures. By early engagement of our process chemistry team, we aim to shorten the time from lead optimization to submission of your IND. Either as part of a larger, fully integrated research collaboration, or as a focused service, our process chemistry group is prepared to solve your scalability issues and produce your API for preclinical or clinical development.