Pharmaceutical Property Profiling
Pharmaceutical property profiling deCODE chemistry's integrated drug discovery and development approach does not end when a lead compound has been found. Once a lead compound or compound series is identified, preparing those compounds for in vivo pharmacology, toxicology and efficacy studies can present new challenges. deCODE chemistry's pharmaceutical property profiling services can help to shorten development timelines. By identifying potential liabilities within a compound series or individual molecule, such as poor metabolic stability or high protein binding, deCODE chemistry provides data that allows you to select development candidates that have a higher probability of success in the clinic. deCODE chemistry also offers services to assist with solving your formulation problems. deCODE chemistry tailors its solutions specifically to your needs, whether the problem is with hundreds of discovery compounds or with a single late-stage development compound.

ParaSol™: Pre-formulation Screening
deCODE chemistry's proprietary technology combined with a fresh approach to addressing pre-formulation problems can provide efficient solutions to meet your formulation challenges. The ParaSol™ service (Parallel Solubility screening) utilizes deCODE biostructures' Matrix Maker™ liquid handling robot, previously used only by crystallographers to create vast arrays of protein crystallization conditions, is now also being used to meet the formulation challenges encountered in drug development. The demands of creating hundreds and sometimes thousands of crystallization conditions called for the creation of a system like the Matrix Maker™ to automate the process, reducing time spent by valuable staff and reducing costs. deCODE chemistry is now applying this technology in another capacity to assist clients with solving another time and resource consuming problem - formulation of their lead drug compounds for in vivo testing. The Matrix Maker™ automates and miniaturizes the formulation screening process allowing more attempts to be made more efficiently. This approach requires less quantity of the compound to be used. Using very small quantities of your compound, deCODE chemistry can run hundreds of pre-formulation screens and rapidly find formulations that can solubilize compounds using pharmaceutically compatible excipients. deCODE chemistry also offers formulation development services, including development of solid and liquid dosage forms.

deCODE chemistry's expertise in formulation solutions utilizing cyclodextrin technology is based on the research and discoveries of deCODE's experienced scientists. While the use of cyclodextrins for drug delivery has been around for decades, deCODE chemistry offers enhancements on that technology which we believe are among the most advanced in the industry.

deCODE utilizes patented technology involves combining cyclodextrins of any type with complexation enhancers such as water-soluble polymers, organic salts, organic acids, and metal ions - either individually or combined - to dramatically improve the efficiency of drug complexation with the cyclodextrin host. deCODE chemistry's approach to solubilization of compounds can often limit the usual problems of huge increases in bulk or the creation of prohibitively expensive delivery formats. The increased bioavailability from these formulations can lead to new modes of delivery (nasal, buccal, transdermal, etc.), lower effective doses, and provide a more cost-effective mode of delivery. Effective but poorly soluble or poorly bioavailable drug candidates can still be successful. deCODE chemistry welcomes the opportunity to show you how.

Polymorph Screening
In many cases, a drug compound may exhibit more than one crystalline form. Varying crystalline forms, or polymorphs, may exhibit dramatically different stability, solubility and bioavailability characteristics. deCODE chemistry's thorough experimental design for polymorph screening, as well as analytical techniques for polymorph determination, can help to identify the solid state forms of your compound and then establish which are the most stable for further study. Once the most stable polymorphic forms are determined, deCODE chemistry's process chemists can develop a controlled crystallization process to produce the desired polymorph with dependable results.

Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion (ADME) Profiling
deCODE chemistry conducts in vitro ADME profiling during the lead-optimization phase of its medicinal chemistry programs. ADME properties are an important selection tool for deciding which candidates should be pursued for further development. Lead series are profiled for plasma protein binding liabilities using ultracentrifugation or equilibrium dialysis. Metabolic stability is assessed with liver microsome incubation, cytochrome P450 (CYP) isozyme inhibition and induction, and CYP phenotyping.

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies
PK/PD services include study design and protocol development, analytical method development and evaluation, and PK/PD data analysis. deCODE chemistry can also provide comprehensive data analysis and detailed reports suitable for incorporation into your drug development documentation.