Drug Discovery and Lead Optimization Services
Lead optimization & discovery services Components of deCODE chemistry's lead optimization and discovery services can be used where needed in your own programs or as part of a larger collaboration. deCODE chemistry is dedicated to helping you discover your next drug candidate.

Medicinal Chemistry
The mission of deCODE chemistry's medicinal chemistry team is to assist our clients with identifying development candidates for their therapeutic programs. Working with deCODE chemistry, your drug candidates can be optimized for the following characteristics:

By integrating structural biology and chemistry services, deCODE is able to provide its clients with a structure-based drug design approach. Using high resolution structural information about the biological target, generated by our biostructures group (www.decodebiostructures.com), deCODE chemistry can help to design and synthesize new analogues or optimize existing compounds based on specific information about the binding modes of your compound's target protein.

Computational Chemistry
deCODE chemistry's computational services can expedite the identification and optimization of new compounds or improve the activity of existing compounds. Computational services include:

Focused Lead Optimization Libraries
deCODE chemistry specializes in designing and preparing lead optimization libraries to rapidly transition your drug discovery program from screening hits to SAR-driven medicinal chemistry. deCODE chemistry provides parallel synthesis services focused on high quality libraries that are exclusive to your program. deCODE chemistry's libraries are a cost-effective and efficient way to generate critical information for your medicinal chemistry programs.